Best Fabrics for Spring

Best Fabrics for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with some new fabrics

The Best African Dresses this Month

The Best African Dresses this Month

This month, one of the best African dresses is the Maxi Orange Dress

An Ode to the Black People in America: Fashion, History and Legacy

An Ode to the Black People in America: Fashion, History and Legacy

Greetings to you, Kings and Queen

I hear you speak of me with admiration

I'm here to introduce myself formally 

and tell you a few things about you and I.


The Dutch created me around the 1800s

solely for the Indonesian market.

However, they rejected me.

You see they had a tight relationship with another.

They said I was not good enough for them;

Could never measure up.


I was written off and about to be thrown out;

Branded as good for nothing; bad for business.

Just before all hope was lost,

I was brought to the coasts of West Africa,

As soon as the women there laid eyes on me,

There was an instant connection; my tide turned!


They loved me, they took me in as their own,

Gave me special names;

Gave my existence meaning; an identity

They made me a form of language!


From the 1800s till this day,

I have metamorphosed

From the humble piece reserved for the poor,

Good enough for only trivial events;

To becoming one of the most talked-about player in my field

Generating millions of dollars every year.


Oh! And I’m just getting started!

There’s still a lot of taking over to do.

That’s why I stand by the goal of Zesty Couture:

Flood the streets with more of me!


Great ones! Before I close, I must tell you this.

Your ancestors are so proud of you.

Because just like them,

You know how do take what seems little

and make it so great;

it becomes desirable to everyone else.


I celebrate you today, this month, and always!

Keep doing what you do!

Keep making your ancestors proud!

Hold onto the legacy they created with me,

and be gracious to share my glamor and beauty with the world!


Some call me Dutch Wax,

Others say African Prints,

Some say Kitenge;

My name is Ankara!