Celebrating Black People and African Legacy through Fashion


As a black-owned small business, it brings us so much joy to give our clients the opportunity to connect to their black history and heritage, through fashion. It is also a great pleasure to share the beauty of our culture with those who are not of african descent! Trust me, it’s ok and we love it🥳

At African Zesty Couture, we handcraft/ custom-make from scratch, African dresses, tops, skirts, Ankara headwraps, infinity scarves, purses, and all kinds of African Accessories. We make outfits for women, men, couples, kids, and groups, that will be perfect for any occasion like weddings, graduation, anniversaries, parties, prom, family portraits, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Maternity Photoshoots, etc. Regular or Plus size? It doesn’t matter because everything is fully customizable to your specifications.

Whether for a special occasion or a regular day, these designs will make you feel as vibrant and radiant as the African fabric.

How can we serve you today?

Be rest assured I will put in as much (or even more) love and dedication as I do when it’s for my biological family. You are my online family Cousin!

Feel free to start a conversation if you have further details or inquiries. Or reach out to us at zestycouture@gmail.com

We look forward to hearing from you!

God bless You!!

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